Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taco Bell Breakfast Review
So it is finally here! Taco Bell breakfasts have arrived and I was there on day 1.
My Order:
1 AM Crunchwrap- Bacon1 Waffle Taco- Sausage
The Crunchwrap
The Crunchwrap was really good. For those who aren't sure, it's bacon (or sausage or steak), eggs, cheese and a hash brown all wrapped up tidily in a tortilla for your convenience. My first bite was a bit underwhelming, but as usual... that's just because the folded edges are mostly tortilla. By the time I got to the real bites I was very pleasantly surprised! First of all, it's a good amount of food in that small package. More importantly it was pretty great on the tastebuds. Let's look at the individual components:
  • The eggs were surprising to me. They had little chili flakes to add a bit of spice. I am NOT a fan of spicy foods, being of the mind that food shouldn't hurt, but I actually liked it here. It wasn't overwhelmingly spicy and did add a unique twist.
  • Cheese. It was cheese.
  • The Hash Brown added some crunch to the whole thing. Further testing is needed as I did not separate the components but I believe it was similar and equal to the (really yummy) McDonald's Hash.
  • The bacon was the only part that was just "okay". It was clumped up in the crunchwrap so that I had some bites with strong bacony flavor and some bites that were missing it completely. The bacon itself tasted fine, but admittedly looked a little raw. Ultimately, I think that once the employees have more experience spreading it around it will be much better. Still, Sausage might be the way to go.
The Waffle Taco
So this is the one you are really interested in reading, right? The waffle taco was just as good as the crunchwrap, but it was also just unequivovally cool and fun to be eating. If you don't think that you would get joy from grabbing a waffle wrapped around sausage, eggs and cheese in your hand and biting into it... you are wrong. It's joyful and on top of that, it's delicious!
The waffle was a teeny tiny bit on the soggy side, which is what everyone (read: me) has been afraid of since it was announced. That being said, it wasn't soggy enough to ruin the experience overall. It might be better to eat it right away like the DLT... I had about a 10-15 minute delay. The eggs (which did not have the chili flakes) were what you would expect. The sausage was SO good. There was a lot more cheese than I expected which was a nice bonus.
At first- it was good, but more exciting than delicious. Then came the syrup. Yes, Taco Bell is offering syrup with their breakfasts and on the Waffle Taco it makes all the difference. With the little bit of sweetness added, it pushed it over the edge into great territory. I honestly don't know why they don't add it as part of the item (unless it would significantly increase the sogginess).
Quick side note- because of the chili flakes, I didn't think the syrup worked very well with the crunchwrap, but I also didn't think it was needed.
Final Verdict
The overall meal was solid. I would give it a good 7.5/10 rating. In the good category. For excitement purposed and the fun of the waffle taco, I want to bump it up to a 9/10 but I take my blogging job seriously (as evidenced by my 2 posts in 2012 and none since). Also note that if you like a little kick to your food, you might like the crunchwrap even more than I did. I would easily bump it up to an 8 if the bacon were spread more consistently in the crunchwrap.
Next Order
I feel like such an amateur, but in hindsight it is clear that I got my meats backward. Next time I will do Bacon for the Waffle Taco (to go better with the sweetness of the syrup) and Sausage in my crunchwrap (to go better with the chili flakes). It was a silly thing to mess up, but in my defense, I didn't know they would have the syrup.